Online Therapy Sessions

During these challenging times it has become very important for us, as
human beings, to adapt and move with the changing landscape of social
interaction in order to maintain our personal wellbeing. Therefore, in the
interest of client safety, I am now offering online therapy sessions.


Online therapy (or online counselling) has been found to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy and has a high client satisfaction rate. This therapy makes use of modern communication technologies such as Zoom,, WhatsApp and others to assist those who are unable to make it to an in-person consultation or, alternatively, those who want access to their therapy sessions outside of Port Elizabeth.

Engaging with you online means there is no need for you to travel or wait in a waiting room. The same quality, therapeutic approaches are followed with the structure of a session being the same as that of a face-to-face session. The only difference is that the session is conducted online via video chat and/or telephone.
Online therapy services can be useful for those that would like to continue therapy throughout the lockdown period; have health problems; work unpredictable hours; travel often or are unable to attend an in-person consultation.

Clients are welcomed and encouraged to contact us via e-mail at for more information relating to our online services.